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Life in a Field: Why we live a little differently and how we make it work.

I live on a bus. I'm still not entirely sure how it happened. It's been difficult - being both a vehicle and a tiny home, a bus comes with its own set of challenges. And it's been liberating - with lower overheads both K and I have been free to change careers and, in my… Continue reading Life in a Field: Why we live a little differently and how we make it work.


When Musicals Make You Think

I watched Fiddler on the Roof two nights ago. Sometimes I get to review theatre shows and it's honestly the only chance I get to watch theatre these days. I was doubly privileged the other night because it was produced close to home. No 40-minute drive into the city for a change! I remember watching… Continue reading When Musicals Make You Think

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Working Hard, or Hardly Working

I am excited to share with you my latest article to be published. Writing is a much longer journey for me these days. Once I could spend all weekend scribbling in my notebook, or a whole train journey plotting out a story. I wasted hours of my unfettered evenings with trash TV or - gasp!… Continue reading Working Hard, or Hardly Working

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Maelstrom, or Life With Children

After gathering the kids in our usual morning maelstrom of finding shoes, packing nappies and snacks and herding everyone towards the car, worrying we were running late, delighted to realise we were running early (So the show starts at 11am, not 10am, you say? Of course I knew that already!), and seriously regretting my decision… Continue reading Maelstrom, or Life With Children