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Me Time – Family Times, Autumn 2019 issue

I hurt today. In a good way, I promise. You see, it’s Tuesday, and I take a ballet class every Monday night. I have danced since I was five. It is the one constant love in my life that is truly good for me (as opposed to, say, chocolate or musicians). So, on Monday nights I work hard, and on Tuesday I hurt. I also feel energised, positive, and strong – a feeling that lasts several days. I’m less snappy at my children and more playful with them………



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WM news Feb 2019



Les Miserables, Christchurch, September 2018

If you already have your tickets for Showbiz Christchurch’s production of Les Misérables, then you are fortunate. If not, what are you thinking? Hurry while they are available. Les Mis, as it’s affectionately called, has run continuously in London since 1985 and toured globally. It is more than a musical, it’s a cultural phenomenon. Which it almost has no right to be.

Victor Hugo’s 1463 page epic (first published in 1862), spanning almost twenty years, depicts the struggles of the French poor against a brutal justice system, grinding poverty and prejudice. Hardly uplifting stuff. Add to that the doomed rebellion and the relentless hounding of noble pauper Jean Valjean by officer Javert and, on paper, it makes one wonder how the musical ever got off the ground.

But it works. It gets under your skin. The music is heart-stirring, the story grand and sweeping. There are characters to love, to hate, to pity and to laugh at. It has love, pain, despair, redemption, the whole roller coaster of human emotion condensed into two and a half hours. The musical is long, I admit, but the pace is unremitting, aided by a revolving stage that keeps the action ever flowing….