About Me

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I am a versatile writer who writes and researches on a range of topics.


My Story

I have been a writer all my life – my handbag or packing list always included a notebook and pen. At school I filled up the back of my copy books with story ideas. I wrote for my student newspaper (many moons ago!).  I’ve managed to ferret out writing tasks in every job I have had. I wrote for teacher conferences while teaching in Japan, I wrote radio ads and a student information booklet while working in a credit union in Ireland. I wrote for the work newsletter. I have written first, second and third drafts of novels that may yet see the light of day – in my lunchtimes, weekends, while travelling, and during one particularly dull desk job. Here in New Zealand I write for my local Playcentre, for What’s Up Christchurch, Family Times, and others.

It has long been time to leap feet-first into full-time writing.

Some random facts about me:

  • Chocolate is life!
  • I live on a housebus in the countryside with my husband and two kids. (You can follow our adventures on Facebook at Housebus Adventure)
  • Unashamed balletomane and dance fan. I have loved dance since my first class aged 5 and see as many shows as I can manage.
  • I was born in the UK to Irish parents. We all moved back to Ireland when I was 12. I promptly returned to the UK for university aged 18. As a result I often feel rootless, homesick for one or the other all my life.
  • I love to travel and explore new cultures. I have lived in Ireland, the UK, Japan and New Zealand and travelled throughout Asia, Australia, Europe and the USA.
  • Certified book-hoarder. I have hundreds of books, most of them currently in boxes. Nothing on earth could make me part with them. And still I buy more!