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Working Hard, or Hardly Working


I am excited to share with you my latest article to be published. Writing is a much longer journey for me these days. Once I could spend all weekend scribbling in my notebook, or a whole train journey plotting out a story. I wasted hours of my unfettered evenings with trash TV or – gasp! – socialising.

Now I have to make do with carving out time when and where I can. I have small children to care for, my husband works some weekends (not as many as he used to, I admit), and the mornings and evenings are taken up with the chores of keeping a household running and a family fed. Plus a baby who believes 5am is a sensible time to start the day. No, baby. No it’s not.

My little girl, CC, started school this week. She loves it, for which I am glad and grateful. It is a learning curve for both of us, however. Making sure her uniform is clean and ready five days a week. Getting out the door on time without dawdling. Doing her reading and marking her reading journal each night. Little T is also having to get used to the new regime.

So it is with considerable pleasure I received news that my submission to a website I have not worked with before, The Upside To Aging, would be accepted. It shows to me that those snatched hours and minutes of writing time, those times where I sat on the laundry pile to write so I wouldn’t have to look at it, those times I made beans on toast for dinner to make more time for writing, they are all worth it.

I couldn’t be happier if The New York Times had accepted my submission, or if Penguin agreed to publish a novel of mine. It shows me my dreams are valid. My dreams are worth working for. Yours are too. Don’t let anyone else ever tell you otherwise.


Here is the article in question:

Why Hydration Matters – A Comprehensive Guide to Keeping Older Adults Healthy and Hydrated


Let me know what you think of it. And tell me, what is it you are working towards? What goal or dream are you focussing your attentions on? What can you do to achieve it?




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