Theatre Reviews

Review: Bread & Circus Gala

Did you know I do theatre reviews?

I love the theatre. I love the energy, the vibrancy, the technical skills, the talent, everything about it. I even love the tiny pots of ice cream so many London theatres sell at the interval.

I had been quite low about missing out on my theatre fix since moving to Christchurch and putting all our spare money into debt-payoff and savings. But recently an opportunity came to me to become a reviewer. I review local shows in exchange for the ticket. (Christchurch isn’t exactly a thriving theatre metropolis, so the opportunities for paid reviewing are few and far between.) I am so much happier now that I get to see plays, musicals, dance and comedy, in exchange for doing something else that I love – writing! It’s a perfect merger of my two greatest loves.

CC and I pause to pose for a snap before heading in.

Speaking of loves, here is my most recent review. It was for a children’s production, which meant my companion was my own delightful daughter. We had the best time hanging out, just she and me. Plus we got to see 6 of the best acts from this year’s Buskers Festival.


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